Alain Tinland


Alain TINLAND lives and works in Fontenay-le-Comte in the Vendée French department. His cultural background and profession as a social worker opened the doors of music, live performance, drawing, literature and travel to him. Self-taught, his fascination for the world of painting really takes off from 1996. This is also the year he opens his first exhibitions. In 2002, he opens the Galerie 39, linked to the 'ART 39' society, whose principal aim is to enable artists and the public to meet.
Hence, after 30 years dedicated to others as a social worker, he chooses to put his day job aside in order to live solely for his passion: painting. His technique conjugates the straightforward emotion of lines and of sensuality. His impastos serve an evening light, or the night.

        A few workshop words

After almost 15 years of painting, canvasses dispersed all across the world, official awards (Europe award, County award, etc) and still, luckily, nothing is achieved. Quite the opposite... Art is and will remain the process of asking questions, of tangibility and uncertainty. To live with art is to accept the freedom to suffer love, to leave or to remain. For me, to paint is to free myself of academicism, it is to depart from reality to dream, and to move from visible to invisible with a personal style to share more with ''others''. Because the ultimate judge remains the gaze. Simply the gaze of another. This solely justifies the true reason for a painting. As a poet in front of a blank page, my paintbrushes sketch life, the woman, suffering, but also my moments of hope and consciousness... Oh the joy when a canvas becomes impression, and then expression, which in turn transforms into painting! If emotion is there, then... the canvas turned painting, will have a true reason to exist... and to make me exist.


The woman is a mother, a sister, a lover... but above everything else, she is life. In turn a source of happiness and antagonistic feelings, she punctuates men's lives who have only one hope... to love her. Because a body's memory tells a story, the inspiration of my work in essence, revolves around femininity. My painting aims to be the mirror for the eyes and the soul. I try to capture on my canvasses, like a photographer, the eternal moment. The moment that begins and ends in an ephemeral space, this moment is the urgency to love and to live.

''What to do when one is alone?
Maybe to play at being two!
One feels so good when one is two,
Thinking one is not alone.''


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Alain Tinland, painter
39 rue des loges, Fontenay-le-comte, France

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